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All of us that are in the face to face visual sales world experience a topic that plays itself out on nearly a daily basis –  “do you have samples?“.   I have watched myself speak with potential vendors and ask for samples, have watched many customers asked me for samples, and end users ask you as my customer for samples.

In some ways the topic of samples is really an example of a professional ritual or habit.  We take a meeting, talk about what we talk about, move to a natural conclusion of a meeting and then prior to shaking hands, we offer or ask for the beloved samples.  Good, bad, or indifferent we ask / give / get samples out of habit or ritual.  My case is made when you go to the designers lair or “marketing center” and a stack of beloved samples sits there with dust on them.  I wish I had an Ace for every time I have heard “we just cleaned out our sample room and we do not even know where all this stuff came from”.

SamplesThe topic was on my mind and then I read this blog from Seth Godin this morning.  If you do not read Seth, I suggest you sign up for his daily blog as the guy is very thought provoking.  I am curious, what are your thoughts on samples???

PS – I am not even touching on the cost of production and distribution of samples…

Dave S. Brown
VP of Sales
Optima Graphics
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