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Planning for the Future


Summer time is quickly approaching and within Optima it is affectionately referred to as the “slow season”. It is one of the two times of year where we step back and execute changes within every aspect of the company. Changes in layout, workflow, staffing…. You get the idea, nothing is sacred and all is open to change.

For those of you who know me, I am an avid cyclist and swimmer and this past Wednesday morning, I met up with a group of guys at 5:30 am to go for a ride. I did not know these guys and was invited to join the group ride by an acquaintance I swim with. So here I am chugging along at 5:40 trying to get the sleep out of my eyes and some dude pulls up along side of me and starts to chat – “so what do you do for a living?” Well just like flying, I am in no mood to talk to the person next to me let alone start talking shop – we can all relate to the confusion you see in someone’s eyes when you say you are in the Tradeshow Biz.

AuthorSo off we go peddling down Clayton road and he says something that really struck me. He does BLANK for a living (I do not remember his job) and says the summer time for him is like riding his bike – he has to keep looking forward and watch where he is riding vs. looking down at the ground where he is. “If I watch the ground I get really dizzy and then get startled when I come across a stop sign, car, or pot hole in the road”. With the sun on the horizon, I peddled along thinking he is dead on – we have to look where we want the business to be and where we want to go vs. where we are right now. Obviously, I am no Rhodes Scholar or Harvard MBA, but I am struck by simplicity and realize that for the health of all our businesses we need to be looking ahead as to where we want to go and watch for the obstacles that are about to jump out in front of our paths. I wish I could give him credit, but he was a stronger rider than me and he peddled away while I was having that ah-ha moment.

Switching gears wildlycheck out the video we put together near our Metal Shop. As we planned the implementation of our Metal shop, we thought it would be lots of standard shapes and variations of standard stuff (circle / square / triangle / pinwheel…), but to my surprise and delight, non-standard projects are evident all over our set up areas. From Have a Structure – We Can Skin It days to Have a Need We Can Build it is happening now. If you have a need, have a drawing… send it our way and let us review and help with an estimate. Thanks for reading as always.

Dave S. Brown
VP of Sales
Optima Graphics
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