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John Q. Warehouse dude signed for it


I recently learned the band Phish is coming to St. Louis. My wife read in the paper that they are coming to St. Louis in August and then forwarded me a link to “pre-buy” tickets, so I hit the website and bought two tickets or should I say “pre-bought” before they officially went on sale. The buying experience seemed just like buying real tickets, but what I got was a confirmation number that stated I was functionally at the head of the line to buy tickets once they officially went on sale (in reality, there was a legal disclaimer as long as my arm that I could not be bothered to read, so let’s go with the concept I was first in line – who does not like to think they are first in line).Order Tracking

With my confirmation number, I got a link to go and check on my progress and confirm that I had actually purchased them. So come Saturday morning at 10:01 am, I tracked my order to see if I was one of the lucky ticket buyers. Tracking online orders or orders via the web is becoming more common place and this concept was a request we heard loud and clear from customers last summer when we surveyed and asked, what could we do to improve Optima’s web site.

Our new website launched in March includes an order tracking feature. You do not need to know your order number as the system will recognize you by your unique login and will show you your companies orders from the last five business days. If you have not checked out the feature yet, please follow this link and do so (naturally, you will be prompted to login if you haven’t already). If you have not created a user name and password yet, it just takes a few moments of your time. Knowing how many Saturday shipments we send, I’m sure a few of you will be looking to track one of your orders this Saturday at 10:01 am when your customer calls and says they cannot find a box at the hotel… show site… their office… Simple and convenient – check it out. We all know hotels and shows are notorious for saying “we don’t have it”, but then once you explain you tracked it and John Q. Warehouse dude signed for it at 9:15am, the package(s) is found. Track your order and share delivery news with your customer and get back to your weekend life of mowing the lawn, riding your bike, or…

PS. I did get my Phish tickets – stage left seven rows back – I hope they open with Bouncing Round the Room!

Dave S. Brown
VP of Sales
Optima Graphics
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