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Not Good, but Great!


I got into the office a little early today and got to catch up with one of our third shift managers, Tracy Doner. Tracy oversees our third shift Digital Imaging group (the folks that prep and direct production ready files to the various output devices) and some of you might remember her from her days working in Tech Support. She made a comment that struck me as very beneficial for customers. She said that she was happy to see the use of HD Dye-sub for pillow case jobs compared to 4 Color Colossus because the file prep and processing time can be less and specifically, it is easier to proof thus saving her group time and reducing the number of reproofs. The time saving on the front end is a nice benefit for Optima(not the point of this blog), but increased perfection and efficiency is of real benefit to our customers.

I asked further about pillow case jobs and she referenced one that is on the shop floor right now. It was done HD vs. 4 Color Colossus so we went and looked at it and I thought it looked fantastic – there was a brown to black gradation that was very clean and no funky color steps in the transition. Her point was that the file was easier to prepare, went through with only one proof, and the final product looks fantastic.

Great!I had been thinking that our 4 color would still be used for hanging signs like this because it is high up in the air and who is going to look super close. However, she shared that after doing thousands of proofs she has learned that the end client reviews proofs regardless of where the graphic hangs – eye level or 50’ in the air – they want it to look great – not good, but great. So the HD process facilitated a more efficient collaborative workflow for Optima / our customer and the end user got what they wanted the very first time. With a difficult gradation in play, I could easily see how a second proof could have been requested / required to “tweak” the color or file and make the best of the industry norm 4 color. Those of us in the biz might say that a graphic viewed from 50 plus feet does not need the same superior quality as something eye level, but a client who is shelling out some nice dough for that graphic wants the best for their money.

My apologies if this sounds like a commercial – not my intent, but I share because we are all continually trying to learn how we can be more efficient, satisfy the end client, and not afraid to say it – be profitable. I believe that in this situation our customer helped all parties concerned by ordering HD and ensuring that their client was satisfied up front in the proof process and they will have a better show floor experience because they are walking in with confidence (kudos to you customer whose name I won’t share)

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Dave S. Brown
VP of Sales
Optima Graphics
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