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Yes – We do that.

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I am surprised how many times I have heard the comment “I didn’t know Optima did ______.” You can insert a variety of products into that space – Table Throws, Pop Up and custom metal tubing structures – AKA pillow casing.

Over the years I have watched Optima grow and embark on new products and services we offer to our clients. When the demand is there, we step up to the calling.

We have recently added a Metal Shop to our arsenal of “We can do that” and it’s taking only a short amount of time for the requests to start pouring in. From simple, standard hanging shapes to custom flowing structures, we have the ability to make your metal visions come to life. Optima’s years of experience with pillowcase graphics helped us step to the forefront of developing Metal Structures internally and produce pillow casing much faster than it may take other companies. Not all clients are aware of the plethora of solutions we can offer.

YES!Solution – Just ask “We can do that” applies to a majority of the request we receive. We are not limited to the price book we publish…that is simply a starting point for you. If you have a custom structure need, custom request or just something weird and wacky – do not hesitate to contact Optima. We are more than happy to help develop a solution or come up with alternate means of accomplishing your goal.

We like to start off conversations with “Yes, we can do that” …and let the creative juices flow.
Daniel Stefl
Estimation Department

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