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It’s A Jungle Out There!

As we click through and browse the veritable online portable jungle it becomes instantly clear that something has changed. An erie, creepy silence, the little hairs at the back of your neck stand-up – danger. Itʼs almost like you can hear or feel the loss of a sale somewhere ʻout-thereʼ. It seems there are a lot of so-called resellers competing in the portable display world. Every product level – from one time use, to good, to better, to best has itʼs place, no problem there. More and more we are all exposed to parasites that are looking to “buy a customer” with an extremely low, low price. These “deals” are often nothing more than garbage, cheaply constructed and easy-to-break products targeted toward the inexperienced display purchaser. It appears to me that repeat business is not their goal. Let me know if you disagree on this single point. Itʼs my opinion we are all, (vendor, legitimate reseller, end client, the display industry as a whole) preyed upon and left damaged.

The fact remains we must compete with the low-price supplier as we all occupy the same jungle. Through experience and old-fashioned customer service we can guide our customers to their destination and help them avoid being stalked and ambushed with the lure of too-good-to-be-true greed schemes. Inevitably, we are more likely to be of service once experience is earned through trial and error.

How does a portable guy compete for survival?  The easiest way to differentiate ourselves from parasites in the bush is to offer more.  Prepare, protect and defend yourself.

  • Real support
  • Customer service
  • Share experience and knowledge that saves an organization real money
  • Provide promotional and follow-up plans or advice
  • Sell only products you can stand behind at a fair price and share with your clients the difference between broken, good, better and best. Reasonable people recognize when they have quality in their hands
  • Listen to your clientʼs needs and then provide them what they want – plus unexpectedly add in something additional, something only your experience could provide
  • Offer products that bottom feeders could not possibly compete with you on

Take The Right Team Into the Jungle
At Optima, we are committed to providing you all the tools and equipment you need on
your expedition through this modern day jungle.

  • We are here to support you as you compete and grow in a changing environment
  • Optima does everything it can to help save you money and protect your margins, like negotiating killer shipping rates, then pass the savings on to you
  • Marketing support that will help you promote products and help you follow-up and drive traffic to your customerʼs exhibit space or event
  • Optima constantly upgrades or adds equipment that separates your graphics from those low-cost alternatives. New technology like HD Dye Sub and Authentic Classic Laser exposed photo graphics like Lambda that still canʼt be touched when you need the real thing. Innovative graphic offerings like Diamond Finish with itʼs completely opaque and vivid bright colors differentiate your banner stands from the bottom feeders. Ask your customers to start looking at displays in the wild and not at pictures online! There is a difference! When you are skinning your display, offer the best. HD Dye Sub, Lambda Photo Graphics, Diamond Finish and more from Optimaʼs myriad of quality graphic options.
  • We offer opportunities with high-quality products that can increase and sustain your margins. This past week Optima introduced turnkey Panoramic Kits that are fantastic starting points for discussion. When your customerʼs brand grows and they move into 10×20, 20×20 spaces you will be there to help move them into the next level of portable by offering excellent extrusion frame and fabric solutions. Keeping up with the trends of lots of multi media and standard monitors in display spaces, these new kits are capable of handling all the monitors and even elephant-sized screens that your customers are demanding.
  • First-aid when stuff goes wrong. Danger is around every corner, Optima is like your own well-supplied base camp. Nothingʼs perfect, but hey – out here in the jungle, what is?

As you start your adventure into the next three quarters consider who you want to take along, whoʼs at base camp, what equipment you need and plan a strategy that will help you survive in this new treacherous landscape! Yep, itʼs a jungle out there in portable land. So plan well and you can change the outcome from ʻyour last tripʼ to an exciting, successful adventure.

Gary Camarato
VP Marketing & Creative Development
Optima Graphics

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  1. Kevin Okon
    March 30, 2012 at 10:41 am

    Well said Gary, thank you for addressing this issue and providing a position that differentiates Optima from the bottom feeder price price price mentality.

  2. April 1, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    Gary thank you for speaking out as a provider. perhaps the industry could take a lesson and start to dump these companies as resellers. Can people not see what damage this is creating in the industry? We have talked to many vendors about these dealers selling from their cars and basements and their response is that they cannot control what someone sells their product for. That’s a cop out, there is one vendor out there that tells us that we cannot sell their product for less then 10% of the MSRP and we have never seen an issue with that product and the market is competitive. Your company than has to sell on the merit of your business not on how low of a price that you can sell it for. Two thumbs up!!

    • Gary Camarato
      April 1, 2012 at 2:10 pm

      Doug, thank you for the comment.
      I personally agree with you.
      Although, we all know there are certainly legitimate resellers that are one man/women shows, they still must sell a quality product and have experience that benefits their customers to truly survive.
      Now that business from a car thing – I would just like to see how that one works!

  3. Ack
    April 1, 2012 at 2:41 pm


  4. April 2, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    Thank you Gary.

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