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EDPA Survey has some interesting results


If you were unable to attend Exhibitor 2012 we’re sorry we missed you! The show floor was abuzz and the Optima booth was all the rage! Our customers are busy and spirits are high, I’m happy to say that 2012 is looking to be a great year for the majority!
During Exhibitor I was asked to attend the Portable/Modular Summit hosted by EDPA. During this session I took away a few items of interest.
  • First – Exhibit houses who represent a manufacturer’s system have traditionally been referred to as Portable/Modular. Has what was once known as a Portable/Modular company morphed into a Hybrid? Has Portable/Modular become an irrelevant term based on the diversification of trade show companies business today? What are your thoughts?
  • Results from EDPAs survey revealed that the majority of company’s display sales came from an average of 3 different display manufacturers in 2010. How many top manufacturers are you partnering with in 2012?


  • Shockingly, only 53% of companies surveyed charge for renderings. Are you charging for design? Shouldn’t you be?
  • Social Media – 42% of companies surveyed are using some form of social media to promote their business. What form of social media is your favorite?
  • 74% of companies surveyed are using web optimization! It looks like the world wide web is here to stay!
  • Lastly, when EDPA or other organizations send out a survey relative to your industry, take it! It only takes a few minutes and it provides all of us with great data and trends.
Just a few items to think about. We look forward to hearing how you will be handling your ever changing business in 2012!
Gina Porcaro
Account Executive
Optima Graphics
  1. March 16, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    I was curious to see your results on the social media question as I’ve been following that topic and blogging about it for a few years now. It does seem surprising that a mere 42% admit to using some form of social media in their marketing. My internal surveys show that almost 9 of 10 tradeshow marketers consider themselves either beginner or intermediate when it comes to their social media skill level.

    It would be interesting to see if those results were similar among those polled in this particular survey.

    • Gary Camarato
      March 16, 2012 at 7:17 pm

      I was shocked at that low percentage.
      My gut tells me that many people don’t recognize that what they are doing is social media or networking, because they don’t have a “plan”. Or they think SM is some “thing” others do.

      Once you have a “plan” it’s not networking it’s just the equivalent of an insurance selling acquaintance at a party. Of course what do I know!

      Short of it is… more people are social than admit it!

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