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Are you lookin’ for trouble?


…BECAUSE WE ARE! During my time here at Optima (a long 7 years in the biz) the word “evolution” comes to mind. When I started here many many moons ago, Tech Support wasn’t HALF as in-depth and detailed as we are now. We were just the pre-flighters, and pre-flighting was what we did.

Over the years, I’ve seen some odd things when it comes to customer artwork. Have you ever seen blue turn to green for no reason?

Nowadays, we get so in depth with your artwork, we can almost always find something that might make us say “huh?” The important thing is I’ve got a great team here who can make clear distinctions, bugging you guys only when it’s truly necessary. Ultimately, the goal is a phenomenal final product, and that’s what we’ve come to do best around here.

imageOur goal is only to continue to evolve by listening to our customers, so I’d like to reach out to you to help make us BETTER. I’d much appreciate it if any of you have a few moments, please reach out to me and tell me what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, what we’re doing that we should stop, what we’re not doing that we should be, etc. Email or phone call is fine, I’m always available to chat with any and all of our clients. It’s all of you that make us successful, so the least we can do is return the favor!

Keith Simpson
Graphic Support Rep Supervisor
Optima Graphics


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