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The EDPA Pulse survey is still open. Our apologies to our email subscribers who received a malfunctioning link to the survey. Below you will find Dave’s same message with working links to the survey.
Happy New Year!
In an effort to help generate and share current trends within the industry, the EDPA created the Pulse survey in 2011.
The last survey’s results were shared with us during the annual meeting in December and my take away was, wow, I am glad I am getting to see this information and I wish more people would take the survey to increase the value of the results.
Yesterday, the Pulse survey which looks at Q4 2011 compared to Q3 of 2011 was distributed. Optima, a long standing EDPA member, is supporting the efforts of EDPA in expanding the reach of this industry initiative by inviting you to participate.
You do not have to be a member to take the survey, or even share in the findings. It took me just two minutes and forty-three seconds to complete the survey, Pulse Logo so the time commitment is little more than it will take to read this message.
Results are scheduled to be distributed sometime in mid February with a new PULSE survey looking at Q1 of 2012 distributed about two weeks after the quarter ends, This is a never ending cycle to provide us with trending patterns in a timely fashion.
If you would like to view the survey’s results, please head to the association’s website, EDPA.com late in February. If you find what EDPA is doing of greater interest, reach out to Alex Chung. He’ll help with any questions, including how you can become an EDPA member.
Thanks and onward ho,
Dave S. Brown
VP of Sales
Optima Graphics
To take the PULSE Q4 2012 survey click here
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