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AuthorI recently did a series titled “6 things to think about when… The final post of the series was about Mobile Marketing. I hit on some of the high points but wanted to share a few more things from my research and notes on the subject of Mobile Marketing.

Mobile Marketing 1 – Marketing on or with a mobile device. Ex: Smart phone using short message service (SMS) or text messaging. 2 – Marketing in a moving fashion. Ex: Road show or moving billboards.

Interesting Facts:

– More people use their mobile devices to get on the Internet than other ways.

– Mobile is successful because marketing is now more of a time sensitive

A large reason the term Mobile Marketing came about was because in business, like our personal lives, we need to be accessible on multiple channels. Once individuals and businesses settled on the social media portals they wanted to be on and use, the attention went to consumption of the information. This is where Mobile devices came even more into play.

Top 5 things people are doing with their Mobile Devices:

1 – Checking & Sending emails

2 – Looking up directions

3 – Using social media sites

4 – Reading news

5 – Listening to music/podcasts (Source: The 60 Second Marketer)

All Email Marketing should also be planned for Mobile consumption. Pay attention to your layout and design of emails so they can be seen and used correctly on mobile devices. Remember to streamline your content and make links and information obvious to the user. Don’t forget to set your email up to the correct scale for mobile devices.

Check out Anatomy of the Perfect Mobile Email (Source: ColumnFiveMedia) to see and learn more good practices for your next Mobile Email and things to avoid doing.

With any Email Marketing remember to use a good subject line and from line with branding integrated in it. This is very important with the lightning fast world of Mobile Marketing. Keep your message quick and to the point then direct your customer to a website or offline location (or phone number) for more information. Always have a link to viewing the email as a web version in case it does not show correctly on a mobile device. We can only control so much as the sender of emails. An entire other world of email security is on the receiving end.

The numbers are starting to come through that show the need for Mobile Marketing in the businesses world. A great visual of this is Mobile Revolution (Source: ektron).

Don’t forget QR codes. That said, I feel there has been an overload of info and articles about the entire QR code discovery. It is nice to see the ability to design and brand them is happening more but just having one for the sake of it is not that fantastic. The way you utilize the codes are the very important part.

Make sure they work first of all. Give users an incentive for scanning the code. Also, not all devices or readers work the same so make the functionality the most universal you can. If it does not work to link straight to something like a video take users to a landing page or mobile site to use as your connection point. Make the QR code fun…and informative to use.

Mobile Marketing things you need to experience:

– Scan a QR code

– Use Google voice search
(creepy at times but impressive)

– Post (check in) on a location based app

– Use a mobile card app

– Make a review on “Yelp” or another location app

– Scan a bar code to use with Amazon app
(This has saved me a lot of money when shopping.)

– Click on a banner Ad

Mobile Marketing things your company needs to experience:

– Make a Mobile version of your website

– Claim your business name on location-based services
(As important as claiming a .com for your business)

– Research running a mobile paid search and mobile display campaign–

Comment about your experiences with Mobile Marketing. Are their other things you would suggest doing with Mobile Marketing?

Derek Leftridge
Marketing Coordinator
Optima Graphics
About the Author

Derek Leftridge is the Marketing Coordinator at Optima Graphics. He posts on his own blog Optima Leftovers about Social Media, Marketing and Technology. Check out his Social Media for Trade Shows series here. Other posts by Derek
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    What is Google Chrome and why do I need to download something to my computer to use Google voice search?

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