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6 things to think about when sending out Email Marketing

AuthorWhen is the best day to send certain emails? This is a question that I have heard numerous opinions about. We all know that in some things, timing is everything. So, with the help of our Email Management System, some research, and my experiences, here are 6 things I have learned about what time is the right time. AKA “My Opinion”.
It's email time!

  1. Send Monday emails late in the day so inboxes will be cleared out and ready for you.
  2. Send emails out Tuesday that need action taken during the week.
  3. Send Weekend notifications and Leisurely emails on Wednesday/Thursday.
  4. Send Friday emails early in the day. This helps from having emails go unopened or to the bottom of the inbox.
  5. Send Offers and Promotional emails mid-day or mid-week.
  6. Try sending some of your emails on Weekends. Set them up Friday for early distribution on either Saturday or Sunday. A lot of business people have one email account for both business and personal and they check them on weekends.

What day(s) of the week were the most successful for your marketing?
Please share your comments.

Derek Leftridge
Marketing Coordinator
Optima Graphics

About the Author
Derek Leftridge is the Marketing Coordinator at Optima Graphics. He posts on his own blog Optima Leftovers about Social Media, Marketing and Technology. Check out his Social Media for Trade Shows series here. Other posts by Derek

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