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6 things to think about when creating Email Subject Lines

AuthorThe Email Subject Line is the password to get into the club called “Open My Email”. Over the last three years of doing Email Marketing I have experimented with a lot of trial and error in regards to subject lines. My experiences and the research I have done has been sifted through to bring you the list of six you see below.
  1. Think of the subject line as a headline.
    Write your subject line in an engaging and read worthy way. Keep it to 6 words or less. Also, watch your character count. Some email clients cut off subject lines after 40 characters. Plan the subject line as you do your Twitter or LinkedIn post only shorter and sweeter.
  2. Use words like We, Your and Our etc.
    This will help personalize the subject line and increase your opens and responses. Using them will make your subject line stand out in the crowded inbox.
  3. Bring the Branding
    Add your company name or part of your tagline to the subject line. Recipients will automatically know who the email is coming from and will get them to open the email sooner.
  4. Include numbers.
    When appropriate include numbers in your subject line. This will help drive home the topic and help give the reader an idea of the time commitment
    needed to read your email. It works. How do I know? You are reading this.
  5. Time sensitive material.
    If you are running a sale or contest or anything that will be ending at a certain time mention that in your subject line. Urgency will motivate and
    inform the recipient to check out your email content.
  6. Don’t forget ‘From’ and ‘Reply’.
    This is also called ghosting. It is possibly more important than subject line itself because it is listed before the actual subject line of an email. On smart phones it is bigger and bolder text so it gets noticed quickly.Make sure to put your Company Name or Celebrity Sender’s name in the ‘From’ & Reply sections of your email set up. A Celebrity Sender is your CEO, VP, Sales Executive or a know person at your company that recipients will recognize when the email is delivered.

What Subject Lines have worked best for you? Share some of your favorites?
Please share your comments.

Derek Leftridge
Marketing Coordinator
Optima Graphics

About the Author
Derek Leftridge is the Marketing Coordinator at Optima Graphics. He posts on his own blog Optima Leftovers about Social Media, Marketing and Technology. Check out his Social Media for Trade Shows series hereOther posts by Derek

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