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I had a chance to catch some late night TV while on the road recently and had to laugh at the catch phrase heard how many millions of times, “but wait – there’s MORE!“. As I was typing an e-mail to a customer on a few of the accessories available to some of our most popular portable products, it occurred to me I could actually insert that familiar catch phrase into what I was typing at that minute. I was explaining some of the details in our case option for the V-Burst pop up line when it just seemed to fit, “But wait… there’s More“, did you know the V-Burst case now comes standard with:

  • Extra clearance on the wheels to help with off road maneuvering – meaning it rolls much easier now on carpeted hallways and aisles
  • More “wiggle” room in the main handle for added driving comfort
  • Strategically placed dimples in the bottom of the case to ease the case into that compact rental car you got stuck with at the airport.
  • A sleek new trim package, I mean new curves which actually help to reinforce the new model.

Combine all this with a draped or form fitting dye sub and make your neighbors jealous. OK that goes a bit too far but we all say it’s the little things that matter and without the help of a late night commercial it is easy to overlook some of the bells and whistles of the less than sexy items that round out a pretty nice display package and keep the trade show warriors moving.

Did I mention Vegas friendly lights? But wait… there’s more!

We’ve become a society that not only is used to “MORE” but one that expects more from nearly every experience. This new line mentality can make it challenging to satisfy your customers.

Have you recently been pleasantly surprised?
What do you do to provide your customer with more than they expected?

Tony Ricci
Account Executive
Optima Graphics

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  1. November 4, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    so nice blog site………..

  2. Spike
    November 7, 2011 at 9:05 am

    Glad to see the traditionally fragile oval case has a serious upgrade. Nice one Tony!

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