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6 things to think about when setting up an Email Management Service

AuthorBefore going into my post about email service providers I want to remind you that we have non branded animated product emails available for your
e-marketing use.
Please contact me with the products you are interested in promoting.
An Email Management Service (EMS) is a great tool that can be a huge resource to your E-Marketing initiative. There are many systems out there and they basically work the same or soon will. Below are a few things to think about if you are just starting out or are years into an EMS.
  1. Plan where you want your Email sign up button or link located.
    You want to make sure you have a link or button so new customers can sign up for your E-Marketing. The main place would be your website and/or corporate blog.

    Others: Email signatures, Social Media about pages, Product literature,
    Business cards, and Post-it-notes


  1. Plan the naming of your contact lists for Email sign up.
    When you are setting up your contact list take a minute and think about how
    you are naming the lists. Try to give them names that are somewhat generic
    and will make sense to the customer. Reason is when a customer joins your
    mailing lists they want to understand what lists they are subscribing to by
    the name.

    Example: GOOD: Monthly Newsletter – BAD: 7_12_2009-July/Month(newsletter)

  2. Do Not *require* everything on the Email sign up page.
    Everyone wants to collect all the information they can at the Email sign up
    stage. However, you should not overwhelm the new contact. They might not
    join if you make items like their Industry type and Company size a required
    part of your email sign up information. Stick with basic like Email address
    and name…and maybe website. Set up all the fields you would like to collect
    information from in case they do fill them all out but don’t make them all

    Plan: In future email correspondence you can work in the other information
    you would like to collect. A specific campaign to collect that information
    can be created and administered.


  1. Add an update profile link to all Email footers.
    Customers will need to change their profile information from time to time.
    Their job title, email address, physical address etc. Add a link in your
    email footers to direct them to your “update profile” form to keep connected
    to them.

    Schedule: Plan a yearly email campaign to give customers the ability to
    update their profile information. This is very important to do if you have
    added or changed contact list names and functionality.

  2. Design & personalize all automated profile forms.
    EMS come with a lot of helpful things and most have defaults set. When
    someone signs up for your email list(s) they will get a welcome email. And a
    verification email might be sent when they update their profile information.
    Make sure to check out what is being sent to them. The default will probably
    be good enough but personalizing/branding it will give it the “we care”

    Help: Print out the form and have others in your office review it and give

  3. Set up a text to join system
    Smart phones and other devices have catapulted texting to be the way to
    communicate. Take advantage of this by setting up a text to join system.
    Make it available for new customers or existing. When a customer is on the
    run and they see your special code on a sales flier, printed on a graphic
    display or a show give away they can text it to your email sign up system
    and join all while on the go.

    Motivation: As an incentive give away free helpful information, product
    discount or special access.


What Email Management Service do you use? Why do you like it? Please share your comments below.
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  1. October 24, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    One recommendation . . . Email Marketing doesn’t work unless you use it. But first, understand your customer’s email preferences: What do they want to see from you and how often? The emails must be relevant to your customer’s needs, or they won’t read them or worse, they’ll unsubscribe.

    Don’t be offended if they don’t read every e-broadcast. We all have busy lives. The more enticing you make the email subject line and the information at the top of the page, the more likely they’ll read or at least scan it.

    Finally, we all get bombarded by serious emails every single day. Fun, tasteful emails are welcome if they are relevant and creative.

  2. Rafael Gomez
    October 24, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    Great content and tips Derek. Very useful. Thanks.

  3. Gary Camarato
    October 25, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    Good points Mel!

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