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Expansion at Optima Graphics

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Over the past week we have started an expansion project at Optima, so my apologies if when you call in, you hear some crazy racket in the background.
If you have never been to Optima, the building is two stories with production on both floors and admin on the second.  We are currently updating both floors of the building to further modernize our working environment and support the growth of Panoramic. Since we moved in 2005 (I still have not unpacked some of the crud I brought with me from the other building, but some Saturday I will come in and get that done), we have made a handful of updates, but never a major HVAC, electrical, and general construction project like we are going through now.Under Construction  The market keeps changing and we are renovating to stay on top of the business and working ahead…  man that sounds so esoteric, but we are planning for the future and building upgrades come along for the ride – noise and all.
If you have never been to Optima, we would love to have you visit and meet the team and see the facility.  If you have visited Optima, I am not sure you would recognize the place, so please come visit again!  As always, thanks for the business, we all appreciate it.
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