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QR Mobile Marketing Best Practices

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QR Codes are starting to gain traction as an effective marketing tool in connecting customers on the go with mobile content. While most users are familiar with or have seen QR codes in various forms of print media, its not always clear from the users standpoint what exactly they should do. While it’s obvious to those who have gone through the initial learning curve, the task of scanning a QR code can be somewhat confusing in the beginning. Therefore, its imperative that when implementing QR technology, that a clear marketing strategy is considered. There are essentially three components of which the QR itself is the most straightforward. The breakdown is simple.

Connect –
In order to deliver content, encoding the proper content must create the code. Keep in mind that the longer the URL or data string, the more complex the code needs to be and therefore the more chance there is for reading error. So, make sure to keep the URL short – Don’t create complex codes. Additionally, make sure you give them an alternative format to get to your landing page. (i.e. give them the URL below the tag). Tell them how to download a scanner and which ones are best for each platform

Engage –
Smart PhoneMobilize the landing page – (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android) This concept is the most important of all. I like to think of this in terms of a tradeshow graphics analogy. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a tradeshow graphic if your attendees had to view it through a pinhole? The same concept goes for websites not optimized for mobile devices. If you force your user to pinch, zoom and scroll… you will lose them and turn them off to QR altogether.
Additionally, you must make the content they get exciting and new! Give them something they can use. Reward them for scanning the code. Statistics show that the number one reason users scan codes are for Coupons. The second – unique information or content.

Measure –
Measure & Track everything.
Lastly, make sure you gather statistics for ROI.

If you use sound techniques with QR Technology, you will surely find success.

Scanable QR Tag
Steve Meeks
Meticul Solutions

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