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What’s New? Change!


Change! As painful as it is sometimes, can create exciting opportunities.

Hi! If we haven’t already met, I would like to share a little about who I am and how I plan to help you succeed and grow your business. Really.

I joined the team at Optima in 2009 as an Inspector on first shift. I previewed in extreme detail graphic after graphic in First Inspection (prints right off the printer) and marveled at the vast range of topics this industry services… something new everyday! Soon, I moved into the Final Inspection role (finished products). Learning more and more about what our fast paced industry is faced with, what challenges are presented on a daily basis, and how OPTIMA creates solutions in short turn. Amazing. ‘How do they do it so fast?’ I thought. How can we continue to provide superb quality in such short time frames? Quick was my education. Working in these all encompassing inspection roles seemed to have crammed about 25 years of production experience into my 12 months! Still picking myself up off the floor, I thought ‘wow this industry is running on high octane 24 hours a day! With all the energy, this is a great place to call home!’

What do you do with all that knowledge when one is ready for change? You move onward and upward. Specifically, one floor up and closer to you, our customers. Now completely familiar with the production capabilities and work-flow here at Optima, I changed positions again.Change Ahead First with Customer Service, beginning in July 2010, and now to the Business Connection Department since July 2011.

The first thing customers taught me was that I’m not alone. Many of you have experienced changes that one way or another brought you home to the trade show world. The stories of how everyone enters and never leaves the trade show world are book worthy…It’s like a big family. When I started to experience the respect and appreciation between co-workers and customers alike, I knew I wanted to be a part of this Industry. One big family, one that runs around the country at high speed and never sleeps! Everyone knowing just a little about every possible subject (due to the many industries we service). Anyway, ‘What’s New’ is becoming strangely familiar.

What’s New with Optima Service?
Now that I’m home and settled into the partnership we build on everyday through phone, e-mail and even visits! Value through service became my new focus. I quickly realized that this industry demands service beyond the norm. I mean, think about it, the new norm in our current economic climate is great service, no C players, none. When I joined the Business Connection team I knew it meant helping New Accounts in any way that would be necessary. Bringing my A game to each and every challenge.

More Change!
Learning how unknown accounts wanted to work and share as much information as possible with the end goal of exceeding the expectations of the end client. On every job. Robin Talbott, Director of Customer Support here at Optima agreed and she let me know that I may have been an Account Representative, but what we really need to offer now is Extraordinary Service. Immediately we made another change, this time to my title – ESEP. ESEP stands for Extraordinary Service by Extraordinary People.Category Icon Test I like to think “by” can also be exchanged with “for” since those that I work with continue to amaze me with what they do, know and teach.

What’s New At Optima?
That question comes up more often than I had anticipated. That’s why I want to share with you this link to download a What’s New? document that shares the answer! The What’s New? document contains briefs on new items from accessories and new portable display options to the Panoramic full-blown extrusion system for SEG fabric graphics. Remember, if you don’t see or even know what you need for your next project, call me. I want to hear from you. What are you looking for? What can Optima help you with? Some things never change…an old fashioned phone call is still a great way for us to work on a solution together.

I look forward to working with you! Call to discuss your next project or just to chat and get acquainted!

Thank You for All Your Business!

Paul Hutchison
ESEP – Business Connection Department
Optima Graphics
1540 Fencorp Dr
Fenton, Missouri 63026
800-844-8877 x269
636-680-9269 direct

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