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Abracadabra (or Weaving a Little Web Magic)

You look pretty smart. Yes, I mean you with your stylish hairdo, non-facial tattoos, and intense concentration. No doubt, you’re looking for the shortest path to close a sale, particularly on Pronto banner stands, table throws, and Xpressions. Blogger Photo Don’t get me wrong. The margins are great, and you want a deliriously happy customer, but there’s gotta be a way to reduce the game of 20 Questions down to 3 or 4.
There is. If you are a Classic Exhibits Distributor, you already know the magic of Exhibit Design Search (EDS). Over 1400 products, 28 galleries, and 3000 + photos. Instead of a wand, you have a keyboard and a mouse, or your fingertips (for those “I’m oh so better than you” Apple iPad folks). In short, EDS functions as a “one-stop shop” for most of the trade show products your customers need.
Three years ago, Optima Graphics created three galleries in EDS for many of their products. These galleries include popular products like Sprint, Xpressions, and Burst. However, these galleries are not identified as Optima. Why? Well for the same reason the other galleries are non-branded. Classic and Optima wanted a search tool that did two things. First, it allowed your customers to shop for displays, hanging signs, accessories, and flooring in one spot. Second, it promoted your brand, not Classic’s, not Optima’s, nor any of the other trade show resources in EDS.
The three Optima Galleries are:

Category Icon Test

To make it even easier, the Optima products include PDF’s of the set-up instructions, graphic dims, and fabric options. There are Design Descriptions for each product and email communication tools for your client to request more information or a design. The EDS galleries are not intended to replace the information on Optima’s website, but then again, your clients don’t have access to Optima’s login site.
As a Classic Exhibits Distributor who has a branded version on your website, you already know this. You also know that EDS includes products from Classic, Brumark, Display Supply and Lighting, and Eco-systems Sustainable Exhibits, all products you order direct from the manufacturers.
If you are a Classic Distributor who doesn’t have EDS, it’s almost as easy as saying Abracadabra!
Not a Classic Distributor? Give us a call and let’s see if like http://www.match.com, 1 in 5 relationships starts online. You look pretty smart. Go ahead, take a chance, and let’s make some magic.
Mel White
VP of Marketing and Business Development
503-652-2100 x-219
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