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Going Old School

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We have all heard it before when considering new sales tools and marketing strategies, “Just going back to Sales 101” or “Back to Basics” well coming from an x road warrior I sure seem to remember having decent success in selling by making the calls, getting the appointment and hitting the road. With a demo of course.

That’s the old school part, doing the show and tell while trying to get the sale on a portable modular product or just as part of the overall what I can do for you presentation. I hear from our customers quite often that customers buy what they see and “if I show it I sell it” Sound familiar? ShowroomThat’s because we all know it works and the face time with prospects and current customers is harder and harder to come by in these days of “going digital” . Cool part is Optima does it’s best to make this type of selling a bit easier with discounted graphic output and hardware costs for most showroom items.

The recent wow factor of the Xpressions Sheer kits has touched off a recent flood I need one of those in my showroom too calls, so much in fact, I have come home from recent trips minus my demo display as the lucky last Friday visit customer got instant delivery of their new showroom unit for a round of old school sales calls the following week.

While I do not wish to go back to a pager and a roll of quarters, using a demo of a cool new product just may be the conduit for the new sales person learning the ropes, to just getting in some valuable face time with that existing customer.

Contact your Customer service rep for details on our demo program and showroom purchase information.

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