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Summertime is upon us

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Summertime is upon us, at last!!! It has been a long winter in the Midwest and Northeast and I think we’re all ready for some fun in the sun!

While some of our clients tend to slow down in the summer and take much needed vacations and sanity breaks, others are hosting various open houses, seminars, and road shows to help educate their clients about the latest and greatest products and services the industry has to offer. The main two objectives are retaining current clients and, of course, bringing in new business.SEG Photo What you may not know is Optima can be a tremendous resource for these types of events and we’re always here to support you and your business. Optima can provide product demos for the event at no charge, as well as collateral support, heck; we’ll even attend the event as a representative of your organization and help you sell! I believe our customers understand that we are partners and this, is quite simply, what partners do for each other . . . be sure to get us involved with your next event!

Now . . . Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a break and should take one! However, at this critical point, when things seem to be improving, maybe we should capitalize on this momentum and keep our eye on the prize. With this type of support . . . Why wouldn’t you?

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