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How many guys do you got? Seriously, how many guys can you really count on?

I am talking about every day health, service and maintenance guys. I am talking about your doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant, mechanic, painter, carpenter, plumber…. Aka”your guys”. We rely on guys from all kinds of professions to provide us various products, services and goods. The point is everybody has a guy. It must be a guy thing…sorry girls.

You have a conversation with your buddies and all of sudden somebody says “I got a guy” ready to help. Who is this guy? It could be an acquaintance, a fraternity brother, or a friend of a friend. This guy usually comes with a recommendation. This is somebody you go to remedy a situation, pave your driveway, resolve a parking ticket, or help you in a time of need.

Quite frequently, when I meet with a custom exhibit house and discuss their graphic capabilities,Category Icon Test it always comes to down to the following comment regarding rigid panel graphics; “I got a local graphics guy right here in town. We go over there and pick stuff up and they deliver the very next day.”

I am curious to know if this guy is a wholesale to the trade printer. Could he potentially steal your customer? What is his reputation within the industry? More importantly, can you really trust this guy to deliver? Can this guy provide you the consistent quality service you demand in your urgent time of need?

I would like to express to our customers that Optima Graphics can be your complete graphics company. I realize we may already be your dye sublimation vendor but we also can be your flat bed graphics guy too!

You will be surprised when you start comparing prices, turn times, and even delivery charges. Optima Graphics has great shipping rates. It makes no difference if we have to build a crate or ship an oversized package. Everything considered we are your “graphic solutions specialist.” In fact, we have over 200 specialists ready to deliver your graphic on time, correctly, and in pristine condition regardless of their size.

So the next time you need a reliable, professional, and respected partner to assist on your next urgent graphic job….you already got a guy in Optima Graphics.

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  1. June 26, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Great Post Kevin.
    When I read this the first thing that came to mind actually was Optima. Let me explain…
    This past week, our local IT company came into Classic, not to fix something on our server, rather to ask if we could assist them on an upcoming show.

    They have never been to a show, yet they are one of the top 3 IT companies in the Portland area. So, they came to us to help them weave thru the confusing maze that is Trade Shows.

    Anyway, they are in need of graphics for their show as part of their display. And they asked if we could assist there too. Of course my response was “I’ve gotta guy” 🙂
    But, they looked puzzled when I brought Optima up. Namely because there is a graphics company right next door to Classic….yet we were recommending these “guys” in St. Louis.

    After explaining to them that Optima is a “wholesale trade show graphics printer”…and that while other certainly can do trade show graphics, that is all that Optima does. Adding that 100% of Classic Exhibits graphics are produced at Optima for all the exhibits they build for their national and international customers…they were sold on us using “our guy” Optima.

    As I have lamented over the years. When graphics are needed…”I gotta guy” and its Optima.

    Thanks for all the continued quality and great service.

    Kevin Carty
    Vice President
    Classic Exhibits Inc.

  2. June 26, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Good article. It has been my experience that those local guys won’t think twice about selling a client a cheaper pop up of banner stands right under your nose.

  3. June 27, 2011 at 9:01 am


    Thisis is a good topic that has a sense of thematic chemistry with some of the other writers on Optima’s blog post that I sincerely like.

    In business as in friendship, we know “guys” and yes, “girls” that are “go-to” people in our lives. They are trusted and they have another thing in common with us. They like us, not just for throwing their name out when the need is mentioned, they use us as their “guy” as well. I think what is still wonderful about our industry is that even though some companies try to “be all to all”…we need to have that “go to guy or gal” that we know will also use us as their “I know a guy” entry into a helpful situation. God and my clients over the year’s know that Optima has been my “I know a guy” savior on more than 100 occassions. And, like some of the others that are reading this, I have also had to have “my guys” at Optima save my bacon due to a local “guy” that bit off more than he could chew.

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