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Fabric is Wow! I know this sounds like some corny slogan that our marketing department came up with to promote Dye Sublimation printing but, the credit for this gem goes to Jeff Luer, Director of Production for The Kerry Group and he wasn’t even embarrassed about saying it.

The Kerry Group is an Experiential Marketing Company and a fairly recent Optima Graphics convert. We were discussing a project where they utilized dye sublimation on fabric for banners that were displayed at an outdoor event and I congratulated him for thinking out of the box. In as much as, many of our customers don’t realize all the fabric options we offer specifically for outdoor use. This led to the somewhat corny comment I mentioned earlier and a very thoughtful discussion of how all the benefits of fabric for indoor display also, apply to outdoor events. Brilliant colors, light weight, wrinkle resistant, no reflections and they are much easier to handle and stage. In fact it was fabric printing that initially drew his interest in Optima. He soon discovered much more to appreciate about Optima and hopefully that road of discovery will continue for many years to come.

While most of our customers feel fabric banners have a much nicer, more elegant appearance than vinyl and will always use fabric indoors, many are reluctant to use them at outdoors events. Kind of strange when you consider we have several outdoor products incorporating dye sub graphics; Event Tents, Banshees, Valet 360 and Baseline. He agreed about the benefits and added that using fabric instead of vinyl was not only noticed but greatly appreciated by his client and the one thing he is always looking for are ways to make Kerry Group’s events more memorable (and we all know just how hard it’s getting to capture people’s attention, nowadays). That’s when the “Fabric is Wow” comment came up and it really resonated with me. So thank you Jeff and to all our creative customers that are looking for ways to make their events more memorable, “Fabric is Wow!”

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