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Optima was a supplier of mine long before I became a member of their team – 18 years to be exact. From day one they always seemed to be customer focused. “Customer Centric” seems to be the latest buzz words labeling the ability to focus on your customer rather than yourself.

Back in 1995 while at the Exhibitor Show, I decided to take a class titled “Exhibit Graphics: 101 A Primer of Basics”. The facilitator was Della Maricich, CEO of Exhibit Design Consultants, Inc. Although I have a degree in graphic design, I was still a newbie in the trade show world, and convinced myself that I just might learn something in this class. I wasn’t wrong.

Della introduced me to formula for creating a really effective graphic statement; one that would attract the attention of the people passing by a trade show display and would address their needs in three seconds.

She had us do an exercise:
Step one: Answer the following questions about your company.
1. We provide………………………..(Your product or service)
2. To……………………………………….(Your target prospects)
3. So they can…………………………(How they use your product)
4. Which will help them…………(Ultimate benefit to your customer)

Step two: Reverse the order of your answers. To create “Buyer Focused Copy”, you have to focus on statements 4 and 3. They have to drive the message.

That exercise has stayed with me all these years and I have put it into practice many times. Thanks Della.

Now the next time you are walking the floors of a trade show, check out the messages on the exhibits and use Della’s formula. It will tell you which company truly is Customer Centric.

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  1. June 17, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Well put Rich and Della

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