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The Speed of Business

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How fast is fast enough? Technology is great and ever changing….usually for the faster. We can rebuild you…bigger, stronger, and more importantly faster. Smart phones, Social media, texting, tweet me, tweet you and so on. These days it’s all electronic, give it to me now baby, there is no time for later. I used to love the candy “Now & Laters” chewy taffy…delicious….today they would be just called “now’s”

What is the speed of business today? I don’t know….but I don’t want to wait to find out. Which brings me to the question I get daily while visiting with customers and prospects in the graphics business….”How fast can you turn around a graphics job?” My reply….” how fast can you get me artwork?” There it is again the 4 letter word….”Fast”.

The show must go on and it does. What I hear most often is that lead times are practically nonexistent in 2011. End users are waiting to the last minute to send over purchase orders and to approve artwork. The trickledown effect pushes our customers to react to “make it happen now.” In turn, account executives are being compelled to respond within minutes to win and keep business. These days it’s be responsive to your customer or let a competitor in the door. We are being programmed to respond right now as everyone needs and answer ASAP. It’s a self perpetuating way of life that is now upon us and quickly becoming the norm. Who can afford to say “NO” to work in the economy?” Tardiness is no longer an option.

Regardless, of today’s speed of business mentality, Optima is your graphics partner in this “crisis driven industry”. We are a staff of “yes” men and women ready to provide service and solutions ASAP. It is very common to provide “same day” shipping jobs with cost effective overnight delivery. Lastly, our typical turn time is between 2-4 days on most graphics solutions. So regardless if your customer is a tortoise or a hare we can deliver a quality graphic and make your deadline.

By the way who won that race between the tortoise and hare again?

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