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Social Networking? Don’t Get Lost In Your Own World!

Sharing is a two-way street or it’s not sharing at all

It is easy when working with Social Networking to slip into “all about you” mode. Be careful to remember the reason you are networking in the first place. One great use of SN is to drive more leads to your or your customers booth at a trade show /event.
I have a saying that I don’t always follow closely enough –
Be where your customer’s are and be relevant.
That pretty much sums up Social Networking in one line. It also applies to engaging visitors at the show. Ever go to a trade show and see the staff just sitting down, texting to their friends and ignoring the attendees walking by? Why go?

Content is king

At the show make sure you engage the attendees with why they are at the show first. Find out what they are searching for and tailor your response to meet that need. It’s not a solution if nobody presented a challenge.
When preparing your pre-show social networking plan consider your content will be “out there”
It’s like going to a party that has all your friends, your sweet little grandmama and also your boss… oh and, by the way, everyone else you have ever known or will know.
What to do? Have some genuine fun but make sure you are always looking at your content!

Back to business

Want to drive more customers to your booth at your next trade show?
Look at all the Social Media Tools available and choose the ones that are right for your company.
Start out simple. You don’t visit a destination before you make the journey, and hey, the journey
is often the fun part. Now that you have some tools in mind, think about the content.
Make sure you are thinking about your content from your customers perspective.
What value do you bring to the customer? Are you communicating that value to them?
Ask those questions over and over again and then at least once more than you think you need to.

Interweave content into your plan that will help you understand your clients needs and pain points.
Integrate experiences your client would have enjoyed had they attended a relevant event.
Add a survey that offers a white paper on your product in exchange for answering some questions.
5 – 7 Questions are usually enough and will often provide you with good info about your customer’s needs. Determine if you are capable of answering any pain points and then do so directly to any individuals of real value or universally to all customers. If your most important client needs something you already have but they are not aware you offered it, well that’s an easy fix! Sound too simple? It happens all the time.

Provide a clear message as to the value of connecting with you

How will your client benefit from
connecting with you through social media? What Value does an exhibitor bring to their client and how
can we communicate that value through new and exciting SN ways?
It’s a big tool box out there… what will you build?

What’s missing?

It never fails to amaze me the dollars, hours and energy spent at a Trade Show only to
falter with follow-up, or worse yet execute zero follow-up. Leads could always be manged better and your follow-up plan can always use a spit shine. If you successfully drive customers to your booth the easiest most important thing many of us forget to do is to thank them. An email, snailer to everyone that stopped by and maybe to that top 25 list a phone call or hand-written note might just be the right thing to do.

Thank You for spending a few minutes with me. Download this white paper on Social Networking 101 ideas for the rest of us… I hope it helps you and your customers get started.

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