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Dave Brown, EuroShop 2011

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Dave Brown, EuroShop 2011
Check out my photos!

The Germans sure threw an orderly tradeshow. Well mapped out, lot’s of parking and people from 90 plus countries from around the world. HeroFor those of you who have never gone to a show in Europe there are some subtle and not so subtle differences that are apparent in a few of the pictures I took. First off, no carpet. None in the aisles or in the booth – the aisle is all concrete and almost every “stand” (exhibit) uses a raised floor. The raised floor hides the electrical and data cables as well as housing lighting effects. Also, “happy hour”. Many exhibitors have late afternoon receptions when drinks and appetizers are served not to mention coffee, water, and soft drink service all day. Everyone has a show badge, but not color coded with the magic “red” buyer badge. The result is a low key environment free of eager booth staffers who want to “scan your badge” and drag you into their booth to do so. This also means that on occasion, you have to hunt down a booth staffer to ask for information / learn about their products.

HeroA few of the take aways that I observed. I experienced no companies promoting the “low cost” alternative. The product themes were more driven around quality, value, and performance vs. looking for the low cost alternative. I had one English supplier tell me that the “low cost” or cheap version is what you Americans do – ouch. A design trend I observed was the use of sheer fabrics. I am not sure if some of the photos do it justice, but the utilization of large printed and unprinted sheer graphics was amazing. A combined trend was LED lighting and sheer fabrics. Intense, bright lights combined with grand format printed sheer graphics was incredibly impressive. EuroShop LED lights were everywhere and I would anticipate we will only see the utilization of LED lighting to explode as time goes by. The last take away was the use of SEG graphics and extrusion systems and or frames that were fit with SEG graphics. Agam and Duo each showed new products that were very SEG specific and Octanorm had some very interesting frames that used SEG for light boxes and retail environments. In the non tradeshow halls, SEG graphics were the most common form of graphics I saw. I was very impressed with how they were incorporated into metal and wooden structures and very impressed to see the graphic style being used as a common building component. I won’t address the huge use of the color orange and Kermit the frog green –as I non designer, I don’t get it, but hey, I am not suppose to get everything.

Euroshop is definitely a show to mark on your calendar for 2014 – I walked the show for three days and only saw half of the show. I look forward to next time and will plan four days to hopefully see it all and of course stop by a few of the late afternoon receptions for a Sprite(very PC of me) and comfortable place to sit.

Come by our booth at Exhibitor show #1721 and see some examples of how the world of SEG graphics is expanding. We will highlight a few of our industry partners and how we can skin any structure that comes along. See you in Las Vegas.

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  1. April 5, 2011 at 9:55 am

    Wow, what a well written piece of information about our evolving industry! I truly appreciated the imagery of the Euro styles that are something to look forward to (the SEG work); as well as what we in the states can be thankful for…the carpeted aisles! Even a little bit of padding for three days of walking is a nice attribute!

    Thanks Dave for putting your travel information to good work by keeping the US industry informed! Kudos! Chris Knorp, ML International

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