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Get to know our designers

Dan Bornemann – Graphic Designer / 3D Modeling
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Over the past 17 years I have enjoyed many successes while working here at Optima. Whether it be working with clients, learning new software, or being apart of some major projects, working here is always rewarding to me. My areas of expertise include working with clients on detail oriented 3D renderings, not to mention custom design work. I pride myself on exceeding the clients expectations. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and watching hockey, but most of all spending time with my family.
Tim Toolen – Graphic Designer / 3D Modeling
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A fine artist by degree, I have spent the past 12 years as a professional Graphic Designer to pay the bills, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I still break out traditional mediums to sketch out designs, and have been a published Cartoonist and Novel Cover Artist in the past. Most recently my crowning achievement has been my son Thomas, who just turned 3, and is named for my grandfather who inspired me to be an artist in the first place when I was just a boy myself.
Terri Webster – Graphic Designer
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I LOVE graphic design! It’s communication possibilities and forms of execution are only limited by imagination! Graphically speaking, aside from work, I enjoy digital scrapbooking. My mini schnauzers, Skeeter and Scooter, and traveling and photography are my most favorite things in the world. I have two bachelor degrees (education and fine arts) two minors (journalism and military science), and I am a former officer in the United States Army.
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