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Lambda Process – The Choice for Photographers

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Are you offering your local photography market and studios a Lambda product? As a Professional Photographer and Artist, I know that the quality behind the process is part of what makes Lambda so unique. Many of my clients depend on the quality and expertise presented in the products that I sell and Lambda is a frequent choice in this ever changing digital era. As a local photography business owner I have to look for vendors that offer this service at competitive prices and allow fast turns when necessary while also allowing creative attributes to still unfold with the final product. From portraits, weddings and family photos to sports and product work, all require the quality detail demanded of a digital market and client base. What used to take days for traditional printing in the photographic industry has now been reduced to as little as one day for a custom job. The speed and quality of Lambda has pushed the envelope in the industry making it more competitive than ever and I have several different vendors knocking on my door for my business. Optima uses this same philosophy to reach out to the Trade Show Industry and to the clients that it serves while offering such a great process similar to what is required in my photography business.

What exactly is Lambda anyway? Lambda is a photographic process using Red, Green and Blue lasers to transfer an image or artwork to photographic sensitive materials. This is similar to the conventional way photographers would expose a negative using an enlarger in the darkroom and then processing the prints in chemical trays. Much of this is still used in this process but with technologically advanced machines that print large photographic and continuous tone graphics to create murals and detachables for the trade. In my opinion as a Professional Photographer, Lambda process is a perfect synergy between traditional photography and current digital technology. With Optima’s encapsulation of the prints using HDL laminate and a Lifetime Warranty against delaminating, this product is hard to pass up and is a definite “wow” to any photography market.

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