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What a fantastic industry we all work in. Really, when you step back and look at all your friends, how many of us count our co-workers, suppliers, peers and yes, “competitors” as friends. I would wager all of you can name someone from all four of those categories! Our experiences draw us closer and closer as we ultimately service the same customers.

Eyes were open extremely wide behind the scenes here at Optima when we started sifting through the many, many value proposition related stories submitted earlier this year. As the stories were shared internally I noticed a buzz in the air… bees flying in from the blooming flowers in the Opti-parking lot? that loud air conditioner unit? or maybe it was the sound of motivation? For me it was the latter – what I personally realized is that the passion all of us at Optima have for our customers is not one-sided. Optima truly has evolved into an extension of your company. We couldn’t put our best foot forward without you, and everyone here at Optima is very thankful for your business.

I promised early on that I would share all of the Val Prop story entries with everyone (easy to say not knowing how many stories there would be). In an effort to save time, I pulled some “Golden Snippets” from as many stories as I could. Some may seem out of context and of course the names have been eliminated to protect the innocent but they are finally posted on Optimagfx.

It was clear that over the last two decades we have all collected a ton of stories. Looking to the future, it’s exciting to know that together we have many more stories yet to realize. In closing I quote from our winning Val Prop Story “Here we go again”.

Check out the scrolling snippets across the tradeshow portal home page. You might see a line from your story!

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