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A day in the life….

The winning Value Proposition story

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Wow! When we recently asked customers to submit stories on how Optima’s Value Proposition A-Z list has helped Retain and Grow their Customers we had no idea how difficult it would be to choose a story that truly stood out!

This was an extremely difficult decision and we sincerely thank everyone for the great stories. After 20 some years it’s clear we are all in this industry together! Good times and some not-so-good times were reminisced but what stands out is the overwhelming energy and passion it takes to keep up in our industry.

The winner has been notified and we have extended our appreciation by awarding the iPad thingy to them.

Thank you all so much again for participating! and it is our intention to share many of the stories and extracted statements with all of you as well as with the staff here at Optima Graphics.

We share the winning story with you today and hope you will agree – it’s truly a day in the life example of the culture we share. The story includes several examples of Optima Value Proposition components in practice. The story also conveys the mutual benefits of a true vendor relationship given the heart-pounding crisis nature of our business. The kicker that really puts a smile on our faces is the reality of last line… “Here we go again.” The truly passionate within our industry realize that each success is only the starting point and not the end.

And the winning story is…

Falling asleep in another Monday AM meeting with my VP I was startled by a not so subtle vibration on my hip. I let it go to voice mail but check the message as soon as the icon appears on my phone. It is a message from my Account Exec he had dropped the ball (once again), it turns out our client needs four custom banners in San Diego by Wednesday AM. This client we have had issues with in the past due to another vendor’s mistakes. If we screw things up this time no matter who’s fault it is we can kiss them goodbye as a client.

How were we to get it produced and delivered in less than 48 hours? Fortunately I had my laptop in the meeting with me and I secretly find my way to optimagfx.com trying to make it seem that I’m still paying attention in the meeting. I at least at this point was trying to find the phone number so I could call later. To my surprise I quickly noticed the Chat feature. “Awesome”, I think to myself. I soon am greeted by the Optima rep and I relay all the information I could think of. The rep tells me she should have pricing within the hour. In the meanwhile I continue to nod my head and agree with the rest of the group on whatever our VP was saying to not create suspicion. Ten minutes go by and the new mail sound loudly echos throughout and of course during one of the VPs infrequent pauses. Ashen faced I explain it was an urgent email that I needed to take care of. My VP then says mockingly, “I guess you have to do what you have to do”. I left the meeting and rush back to my office to read the email. There it was, everything I asked for and more. I quickly work the numbers into a suitable quote for the client and send to my AE for approval. Within minutes we had all the approval we needed . . .

“When are we getting the files?”, I ask my AE. “You mean you didn’t get them yesterday?”, he exclaimed. I immediately check our FTP server, all my email, my inbox on my desk – nothing. Throughout the day, call after call, I finally get the production files from the client. It is now 6:15pm EST.
HeroI relay to Optima’s FTP server and go home. “How are they going to get this done”, I think. I know that Optima was already working on two other projects for me at the same time. Concerned, I get an awful night’s sleep but eventually make it into the office on Tuesday. I am greeted by my AE standing in the doorway to the office. “Jack, you’ll never believe this, the client sent the wrong file”. “What!”, “Are you joking?” I ask. “No” he answers, I wish I were”. I immediately get on the phone to Optima and explain the issue. The rep says that it is not a problem they will take care of it. A few hours after they confirmed receipt of the new file I get a email from Optima stating that one of the photographic files was not prepared to the right resolution. Without hesitation they asked me if they could go ahead and fix it. I quickly answer, “hell yes!”, knowing that the finished product had to be in San Diego less than 24 hrs from now. They explained that they’d send me a proof which I received not a half hour later and immediately approved. By the end of the day I received an email with the tracking . . . (I wiped the sweat from my brow).

It was Wednesday morning and I just tracked the package that arrived in San Diego at the location promptly at 8:30am PST. I then called Optima to thank them and to ask what the damage was due to the rush and changes they had to make. The rep took a second and reiterated the number from the initial quote . . . I paused and said a very hear felt thank you. Before getting off the phone I checked on my other two project Optima was working on and of course they were fine and already shipped to Salt Lake and Austin. I put down my handset totally relieved. Before I could get another breath my hip seemed to be vibrating again. I answer my mobile. It is my AE again, “Jack, we have a problem . . . they sent the wrong file for the Salt Lake Banner Stand. Here we go again.

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  1. June 2, 2010 at 10:08 am

    What a great story. It’s unbelievable how many times we see clients unprepared and in a complete rush. Nice to know Optima has our backs. Thanks guys!

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