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I was Christmas shopping at a local electronics store this past weekend and after three hours, eight stores and bookoo sales people around every corner I was dead-set on a 47 inch LCD TV and no one was going to sell me anything else as I was mentally prepared to do battle before I ever stepped in the door! What a TV too! You know-the kind that allows you to see the nose hairs of you favorite local news anchor man/woman and the sweat beads of the NFL players. As I stared at the 47 inch Samsung watching Finding Nemo I noticed something – no one was bothering me. No one was hovering or going through a spiel of reasons I needed to get this TV tonight or purchase a Blu-Ray player package along with it. No one was pressuring me into installation for an additional $200, or delivery, a warranty, etc. For a moment – I was relieved.

Then it happened.

A young man, no older than his 20s approached me with his nicely tucked in blue collared shirt and slick slacks with his name tag that read Brian. He walked up gingerly and acknowledged me with, “Hello, anything I can help you with?” I, of course, was ready to go through the process of being ‘sold’ but decided, instead, to play the fun sales game with him. Being that I am a Sales Professional I felt up to the challenge. So I took a moment to pretend I was thinking and then turned to him and said “Nope, just looking.”

Then he surprised me.

He Cares

“What is it you are looking for in a TV? We have quite a few different models and brands all with different capabilities so it’s important you nail down what you EXPECT before we start looking at what I can offer you.” WOW! He was concerned with what I desired and wanted to identify MY needs and expectations out of the purchase! He actually listened and asked the right questions instead of trying to sell me the flashiest, fastest widget TV that can play DVD’s and cook roast all from a single remote, in turn returning the highest commission. He even asked if I had a big enough car for it to fit in so I didn’t have to pay for delivery if it wasn’t needed.

I walked away with my brand new 47 inch Samsung with a renewed vigor for the “Sales Process” because it reiterated that there are still people who actually care about other people’s needs and wants as opposed to selling the most services or additional accessories that you might not really even need or want. Knowing there are people who still care about other people makes me happy to be in Sales and “sell” the way I do. Out of the five total hours spent shopping, that was the best 45 minutes of the evening.

The next time you are approached in a selling situation, no matter how big or small, ask yourself one question “Are they really concerned with what I want or what I need?” Brian was. He had one very strong, yet forgotten, characteristic of a successful salesperson – he cared.

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