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For instant access, just add water…. maybe that’s not such a good idea

Optima adds Live Web Chat & Instant Messaging

Just Add WaterTechnology and communication devices evolve at a rapid pace. People everywhere are tied to some communication device for personal and professional reasons. Naturally there are pros and cons to this, but we definitely like some of the pros and want you to benefit from them.

Of course we will always have our invaluable customer service phone connections. Same 800 number, same direct lines, same Weekend Hotline and a lot of the same familiar voices on the other end. What we’ve added and hope you are already taking advantage of is the Instant Messaging (IM) and Live Web Chat.

Live Web Chat

Live Web Chat
The Live Web Chat could not be any easier to use. All you need is access to our website. Click on the big green button and you’ll be able to ‘chat’ with someone in one of 5 categories. New Business, Customer Service, Events & Rentals, Estimator and Web Support.

Instant Messaging
ICQ ChatDo you use IM? Our Customer Service Department is set up with ICQ IM so you can have direct access to your rep. Talk to your rep to get their ICQ number and you can connect in with them to message back and forth. This will require a bit of effort in getting an ICQ account set up, but once established, we are only a click away. If you have quick questions or are needing minor details, this is a great way to get answers fast. We’re here at your fingertips.

As for adding water? Well, you should probably stick with your keyboard instead. We don’t recommend adding water to any electronic device. Ever. Never. Bad!

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