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Str8 2U w/ IM

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I use IM to get a quick answer to a simple question, for instance, “Honey, can you pick up some milk on your way home?”  Now, Optima’s using this technology to quickly answer questions like, “How much is a single sided Pronto with a fabric graphic?”  IM technology enables us to reply more quickly than using normal email, not so great for project updates, so remember, keep it simple, more complex questions should still go through your Account Service Representative.

How do you use Instant Messaging?
Maybe it’s through your Blackberry? Or through MSN or AOL?

One of the ways Optima’s using IM is to communicate with our customers. Signing up is easy, just follow the directions below . . .
Chat Box
1. Go to icq.com
ICQ Logo

2. Click on “Not an ICQ user?” under the Login tab.

3. Sign up for an ICQ user account and download the ICQ software.

4. After downloading the software you can send a request to your Customer Service Representative using their ICQ number or send them yours and let the IM begin!

Optima’s communication expansion doesn’t stop with IM, we have also added a popular Live Chat interface to our website. The Live Chat is easy to use – simply click on the green “chat with us” button and you will immediately be connected to Optima staff, LIVE!
Launch Chat
Browsing through the price book and need some assistance? Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Or maybe you just want to chat about a project you are working up a quote on. The application of all our expanded communication features make working with Optima easier and on your own terms. Whatever you choose E-mail, Live Chat, Instant Messaging, Suggestion Box, Weekend Hotline, Blogs and of course Fax and Phone – Optima wants to hear from you!
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