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I do not consider myself to be a veteran of the tradeshow industry as compared to some who have 30 years on the floor, but at the same time I am pushing 20 years in the biz (and to think I was just going to sell exhibits until I found a “real” job – something that would require me to carry a brief case or a pocket protector.) Maybe that is because my dad was a college chemistry professor and Lord knows he had some pocket protectors.

A question I am often asked based on the fact that I have spent so many years traveling and visiting a few thousand exhibit houses, is “what do you like best about this business”? My answer, as cliché as it sounds, is the people. But when I analyze my answer, I realize that the personalities may make it interesting (occasionally making me want to check into a mental ward!) but are always the vehicle to some fun trouble-shooting and/or unique and creative opportunities. The stability and dependability of Optima and the people I am fortunate enough to work with enable us to collaborate with many different customers and their diverse needs within the Tradeshow market space on a daily basis.

Some examples from today are: helping figure out how to fit some banners in an auto dealership, creating a “toaster cover” graphic for a pop-up display frame, making circular “tire cover” graphics, creating a 42’ diameter cone shaped graphic that will fly over a concert stage and compiling recommendations for a 20’ Xpressions frame. Those are just a few examples of fun and unique projects that you, the customer, are coming across on a daily basis and if you look at some of the examples carefully, some have nothing to do with tradeshows. I attribute some of the projects to the combination of the value adds we bring our customers for their non-tradeshow activities. If you have a solid relationship and are viewed as the helpful type, questions of “how can we do this” will come down the line and help fill the dance card of business offerings. I encourage all of you to keep listening to your customers and seeing “what else” is out there that you can offer or needs you can satisfy. Of course, this comment is selfish for two reasons: the first, I love giving my two cents as to how we could do something and second, because I also love the fact that when these wacky or weird projects become jobs, it helps keep us all employed and helps our businesses grow. In conclusion, thanks for pushing the envelope and reacting to alternative project opportunities. In the coming weeks and months, Optima will be talking more about alternative revenue streams that you can proactively pursue. Best of luck and good selling.

Please call or e-mail me to let me know how we can help you.

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