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Communicating with your clients designer / niece…

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You may not speak the lingo, know all the technical importance of every bitmap, mega-byte, vector outline, or nose piercing, but it is possible to communicate with your customers designer.The world is full of fantastic creative folk that are happy to supply you with all the pretty pictures you need during the creative phase.

We have all experienced the drill: four meetings and three revisions, and finally your clients boss loosens his tie and approves the design. Your customer’s favorite designer (and niece) is happy to send in the art to Optima for production. One hour after the art is in preflight you get the dreaded call… “Your design is beautiful, but the art is set up for output the size of a postage stamp.” Apparently the designer is more in tune with web sites, and “large format” to her translates into big screen on the xbox.

What’s The Answer? Provide the designer with some very simple guidelines that most any tech savy self serving artist will kiss you for.

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Here are a few key musts!:

1. Provide the final full size, not the unit name. Mark the designer for your client’s mailer has never heard of that exhibit manufacturer and just needs the size in width and height. Also when appropriate, give the panel sizes and explain that you would like to have text miss these breaks when possible.

2. Give the DPI (dots per inch) for the output. Standard high resolution requires only 100dpi at full size, anything beyond that will only slow down the rip time, taxing your turnaround and possibly prevent the job from being produced!

3. Support files / Layered files: Always ask that the designer supply any photos or logos being placed within the design ( support files) separate from the main layout file. When working with photoshop files, always send the layered files. If concerned about this, some designers send a layered file and a flattened file. This will give YOU control when a last minute change or color adjustment is needed! Always supply a print out if possible.

It is possible over time, to communicate with your customer’s designer… just when you do, you will be introduced to his or her replacement.

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