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What a Trade Show Could Be Like in 50 Years – A Futuristic Observers View

authorWith the rapid pace of technology and the ongoing restrictions and limitations of abuse on the world around us, I decided it might be fun to imagine what shows will be like in 50 years.

A mingling buzz is not only heard but also felt as attendees, distributors and service drones move about the event space communicating in ways we can’t possibly imagine today.

Most are wearing their eYe (Extend Your Experience) glasses, made by a company with a weird name, to see displays, collect product information and communicate with each other. Half truths or exaggerated promises in conversations are absent thanks to the new eYe app that employs a virtual lie detector and background check. No shipping or set up costs for this Trade Show since it is held in a large empty warehouse. Virtual reality trade shows are still years away since too many big businesses still depend on travel to keep them in the black. Read more…


April 4, 2014 2 comments

We have become a YouTube/Vimeo nation. We love to share and view videos. Every day, all day, we are bombarded by emails and texts. Most of us skim the bullets, headings, and bolding for the key message(s). Video is different. It’s linear. I find myself more likely to commit to a few minutes of video even when copy is available.
For sharing industry news and ideas, video is often more engaging than a static catalog or website. With today’s technology, even an amateur can get their point across, often with some funny out takes! Better yet is the opportunity to comment and share through social media. It may not be every literature professor’s favorite form of communication, but video isn’t going away any time soon.

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Exhibitor Recap

March 28, 2014 3 comments

Well, another Exhibitor Show is in the rear view mirror and I want to say a big thank you to those who attended, stopped by our booth, and came to our reception.

I was thrilled with the effort my team put in to construct our exhibit that featured 16′ h double-sided Panoramic® Lightboxes, a custom Aviator hanging sign, and two inTouch™ Interactive tables. I saw many more touch screens this year and I can tell the interest is increasing because we had double the number of people come and ask us for demonstrations. Read more…

Be There and Share

January 31, 2014 1 comment

authorIn today’s world of technology, one can be in many places at once. Just recently, I was in the waiting room of a doctor’s office and since I did not want to stare at others who were waiting for their names to be called incorrectly, I started up the old smart phone. I scanned headlines on the USA Today app and social media sites and saw mention of the big CES (Computer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

So, with the same device that I listen to podcasts, watch videos and text my son with, I started to follow along with attendees & exhibitors of CES on Twitter, news sites and YouTube. And, unlike the unfulfilling response from my son who answers my question-filled paragraph of a text with the letter “k”, I fulfilled my curiosity about the CES show. I could also watch video on YouTube of what was going on and read fan comments about the event on Twitter. With all the sharing amongst attendees, exhibitors & fans, I got the feeling I was there.

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How did I ever live without this?

January 24, 2014 Leave a comment

AuthorA funny thing happened on the way to my out-of-town meetings last week…my iPad died…and I panicked! Here is a device I didn’t even own a few years ago and now just the thought of not having it on a sales trip caused me to break out in a cold sweat.

Now, this panic wasn’t brought about due to losing my e-mail, contacts, calendar, etc…all that’s on my phone, too. This terror came from the fact that this device has become so integrated in my selling process that I am a bit lost without it. All my literature, presentations, videos, pricing…all the stuff I once had to drag around in paper form…is now all electronically contained, presented, easily annotated, e-mailed, etc. from this remarkable device…Thank you inTouch™ for the nice app on my iPad!

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2014 – To Infinity and Beyond

January 10, 2014 Leave a comment


Now that we can say goodbye to 2013 and the seemingly never-ending holiday, we can look forward to a banner and robust 2014!

I believe we will see a few trends continue to blow up in 2014 and each will create selling and profit opportunities. I believe backlighting, attention to visuals / the desire for aluminum structure to be hidden behind those visuals, visuals on the floor (not logos and text, but imagery that collaborates with the exhibit and environment that is being created) and technology results will all be demands from end-users.

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Are Tradeshows Worth It?

December 28, 2013 4 comments


First off – Happy Happy holiday season everyone and I hope you were able to share a chuckle or two with friends and family. I just finished a five day sales meeting with my team, having first digested the closing year followed with looking forward to the coming year. We showed the team a few sneak-peeks at things to come, reviewed some great success stories (Panoramic® sales doubled), and introduced some new team members including Frank Shue, our new Director of Manufacturing.

At one point in the meeting, I had a crazy thing happen to me – I sounded just like Jim Hoffmann.

First Time? Yep.

December 20, 2013 1 comment

The Good Old Days
As the holidays are upon us many of us turn our thoughts to the good old days of our youth. Most people tend to focus only on the good stuff and forget the hard work in between!

Do you remember when you were just old enough to order your own meal in a restaurant or the first time you pumped the gas in your parent’s car? These simple actions seem so trivial now, but at the time they were big steps. First times can be scary! Sure we had all seen someone else pump gas or order their own food but we never did it before. There is that trepidation right before you take the plunge and just do it. Sometimes we just wing it! First times at anything can be a little awkward but then we learn how we are going to do it better next time and before you know it even complex milestones are simple tasks. Some big ones are usually the first day at a new school, driving, flying, first dates or that new job. More adventurous types might look at firsts like skydiving or scuba diving as risky first but easy now!

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Must Be Lucky

December 13, 2013 10 comments


Last week, Optima™ attended and exhibited at EDPA Access in Marco Island, FL. I know…you’re all probably saying “must be lucky”, and yes, I believe I am; however, even though this is a beautiful setting with warm weather, it’s also a lot of work – with long days and nights and limited leisure time. Let me tell you why it’s all worth it . . .

I flew in Tuesday and immediately started setting up our booth with the help of Kevin Kirbey, Dave Brown and François from Duo, and what a booth it was! Read more…

What’s in a degree?

December 6, 2013 Leave a comment

GaryYou see a lot of big names get honorary degrees to high profile universities these days (Go ahead and insert a famous name and university).

Many times these people have earned a very successful career just by rolling up their sleeves and applying themselves.  They have earned the respect of those around them through results.

I have a friend named Harold that likes to employ a party game whenever a room of loosely associated guests needs more energy. Ask your new friends what they were trained in or what they majored in at university. Then ask what they do now! Works best when you are at least in your thirties!

Recently I thought of this when Optima was recognized as having G7 qualification. We are proud to have this recognition, so don’t get me wrong here. It’s cool! Very cool!

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